Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How to show the full error stack in wxPython

If you as me, a python developer,you must have this question,when I'm developing wxPython program,and I type a wrong python method or wrong method etc,then I run it,I found I can't get nothing,I expect my program will display a Frame but it didn't,I know it must because I have some wrong,but I can get any error to deal with it?
The solution is:
1)run it in command module.
2)switch you method ,app=wx.App() to
through this way,when there is any error in your application you will get a full error stack,it'll helpful for your developing

How to develope the Adobe FLV program with Python

My recent project need a feature to operate .flv file,I google and goole then I find a good one,aa-lib
you can download it from
AAlib is an portable ascii art GFX library.try use it ,maybe you'll find some cool thing on it.